#143 Missing Man (300 words)

Inspired by: Wanted Man

Thursday morning, Reggie watched the news as he drank coffee. The first thing he saw on the television looked to be a paparazzi photo of Ein wearing a false mustache.

“Ian Quinn, a self-proclaimed philanthropist, is missing. He boarded an airplane in Mexico City to return to Beacon last night, and witnesses say he literally disappeared.”

Reggie spat his coffee out. 

Charlotte came into the living room, holding her own coffee cup, and saw the mess.

“What happened?” She asked as she got a rag. 

“That’s my business partner!” He said, pointing at the television, “He’s gone missing in Mexico City.” 

“I mean we had a wild time in Mexico City ourselves, you don’t think he’s on like a bender? Maybe he met a pretty woman.” 

“He never struck me as the type,” Reggie said.

“People surprise you. I’m sure he’ll be back in a few days, feeling like a million bucks.” 

“I should hope not, he’s worth nearly three hundred times that.” 

Charlotte helped him clean up the coffee. 

“I think we should go by his building, he has a cat, and I don’t know if anyone’s watching it.” 

“Okay, I’m sure he’d appreciate it in case something is amiss. After our coffee.” 

In the late morning, Reggie and Charlotte went to Ein’s building. 

“If he’s so rich, why does he live in a rundown building like this?” Charlotte asked, clutching her bag tight. 

“I, uh, rented the apartment for him. He was just my driver at the time.” 

“How does a driver become a hundred millionaire?”

“Not legally.” 


The couple opened the door to Ein’s apartment and found it vacant and completely empty.

“This doesn’t look like someone on a bender,” Charlotte said. 

Seething with rage, believing himself to have been double-crossed, Reggie agreed, “No, it doesn’t.” 

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#142 You’re Coming With Us (300 words)

Inspired by: Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here

Ein sat in the airport, waiting to board his plane back to Beacon. He shuffled through the files he took from the Valdez, and each document was more revolutionary than the last. One, in particular, caught his attention. It was the universal translator Mr. Spaceman gave him that bore its way into Ein’s right ear. 

Two giant men sat down on opposite sides of Ein. 

“Nice to see you again, Mr. Quin,” The man on the left said.

“Oh, it’s you guys. Good to see you again.”

“We’ve been watching you for a long time, pal.” The man on the right said. 

“I’ve noticed you two are like seven feet tall and three hundred pounds of muscle.”

“We’re glad you finally found the suitcase, but we’re going to need those documents.” The man on the left said.

“To give to Jon Fall?” 

“Nope.” The man on the right answered. 

“What not?” 

“Someone more powerful hired us.” The man on the left said. 


“We work for the Otherworldly Research Bureau, as Information Trackers,” The man on the right answered.

“I’ve never heard of them.” 

“That’s by design.” The man on the left said. 

“Are you taking me with the documents?” 

“Yep. You already know too much.” The man on the right answered. 

“Stay calm.” A seemingly disembodied voice whispered into Ein’s right ear. 

Ein looked around and saw a man wearing a large-brimmed hat looking up at him. Ein immediately recognized him as Mr. Spaceman.

“Make sure you get on through the gate. I’ll take care of the rest.” Mr. Spaceman said in Ein’s ear.

“Now boarding First Class, for the direct flight to Beacon.” 

Ein heard the boarding call and immediately rushed the gate. The ORB-IT agents gave chase. Unfortunately, Ein disappeared the second he passed through the gate.

#141 Birthday Pie (200 words)

Inspired by: Country Pie

“Happy birthday, dear Sabrina, happy birthday to you!” The room sang as Sabrina blew out the eighteen candles on her birthday pie. She laughed and kissed Dana. Dana threw her the surprise party a day early to really surprise her. 

They passed out the pie, and Nathan being beside Sabrina, he received the last piece. He didn’t know about the surprise party, either. 

Sabrina looked over at Nathan, and who quickly turned his frown upside down. 

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Can I speak to you privately for a moment?” 


Sabrina and Nathan walked outside. 

“What’s on your mind?” Sabrina asked.

Nathan took a deep breath, “there’s something I’ve wanted to say to you for a long time.”

“Say it.” 

“I love you!” Nathan almost screamed. 

“I know… but I was hoping you’d move on while once you went to college.” 


“I’m not in love with you, Nathan. Did you think I’d leap into your arms because you finally articulated what’s been obvious since you were thirteen?”

“Kind of.” 

“Well, I don’t love you that way, you’re my best friend, but that’s it.” 

“I just bore my soul to you. Fuck you, Sabrina!” 

Nathan ran down the street. 

#140 You Said I Could! (300 words)

Inspired by: Tell Me It Isn’t True

Ein woke up in bed with Valeria and Carlos Valdez. The sun shone through the curtains directly into his eyes. The couple slept on either side of him, pinning him in place, preventing him from getting relief from the light.

Ein tried to slide his arm out from beneath Valeria. The movement caused her to cling tighter and wrap a leg around him. Valeria moved her head, and Ein saw a familiar suitcase in the closet.

“Hey…” Ein said hoarsely while shaking Valeria and Carlos awake. “Can I see your suitcase now?” 

Valeria stretched out, she had a look of bliss on her face, “What?” She asked. 

He pointed at the closet where a rectangular corner stuck out. 

“You said I could look at your suitcase. I can see the edge. It looks like the one I’m after.”

Valeria rolled over and looked in the direction Ein pointed. 

“Oh, yeah. Why don’t we do that later?” 

“Can’t I look at it while you sleep?” 

“No,” Valeria said flatly. 

“Why not?”

“That’s creepy, and besides, it’s mine. Carlos bought it for me for our anniversary.” 

“Come on, I just want to look!” 

Ein rushed past Valeria. By now, Carlos woke up and jumped out of bed. Ein grabbed the handle of the suitcase grabbed him from behind. Valeria tried to rip the suitcase away from Ein. The three nude adults fought for several minutes until the suitcase burst open, and files flew into the air.

“You broke it!” Valeria screamed. 

“I’m sorry! It’s just a hidden compartment!”

Ein scrambled to pick up the files. Valeria inspected the damage. 

“Get out of here, you psycho!” Valeria screamed.

Carlos shoved him into the hallway without his clothes. Ein covered himself in the papers as he ran through the hallways to his room.

#139 One Crazy Night (200 words)

Inspired by: One More Night

Ein sat at the bar where Reggie spent so many nights in Mexico City. He ordered another Paloma. He had a Polaroid of the suitcase he needed to hunt down. 

“Excuse me. Have you seen this suitcase?” Ein asked a young couple who sat beside him in a slurred but otherwise perfect Spanish accent. 

The young Mexican couple stared hard at the suitcase and then conferred with each other. 

“Hmm, I have one just like that!” Valeria said. 

“Can I see it?!” Ein asked.

“Why don’t you join us? Maybe we can work something out.” 


Ein sat down, Valeria sat beside him, and Carlos across from him. 

“What brings you to the bar alone?” Valeria asked. 

“Alone? I’m always alone. I can’t seem to keep anyone in my life. My ex-girlfriend is dating my old coworker! Now I’m down here while my business partner fucks all weekend.”

“Wow! That’s what we wanted to do but couldn’t find anyone to play with us. We wanted to try something new. Would you join us for some new experiences?” 

“Will you let me see your suitcase?!”

“Why not?! After we have our fun. This will be a night to remember.”

It was. 

#138 Lie Lady Lie (300 words)

Inspired by: Lay Lady Lay

Reggie enjoyed his time with Charlotte immensely.  He was glad she enjoyed spending time with him now that he was sober.”

“What do you want to do this weekend?” Charlotte asked. 

“Whatever you want to do.”

“You’re not tired of me yet?”


“What if we get out of town for a few days?”

“I’m not so sure. I literally just started a business. I don’t think it’s a good time to go globetrotting.”

“I didn’t say Paris! I mean like the mountains? The beach? A weekend trip.”

“Why not?”

Reggie went into his closet and pulled out Charlotte’s vintage suitcase that introduced them many months before. 

“Char, come in here. I have a surprise for you!”

“I don’t know if I have the energy to go again, but…”

Charlotte trailed off at the sight of the suitcase. Her eyes fixed on it. 

“Where did you get that?”

“You left it when you disappeared into the night. You grabbed mine by mistake. This is yours!”

Charlotte didn’t share Reggie’s enthusiasm. After a few seconds, she collected herself and feigned excitement. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothings wrong. I can’t believe you still have it!”

“Charlotte, I don’t want to start off like this. Something is clearly the matter.”

Charlotte thought for a moment but didn’t or couldn’t think of another lie. 

“I didn’t throw away my suitcase in grief. I was upset that I couldn’t find you, and I knew I had your suitcase. I pawned it!”

“You what? Oh no! Oh no, oh no, oh no.”

“I’m so sorry. I knew it wasn’t mine to sell, but I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. What was in it that was so valuable?”

Reggie sat on a bench in his walk-in closet. 

“It was nothing just the secrets to time and space.”

#137 Busy Day (200 words)

Inspired by: Peggy Day 

Reggie returned to the office on Friday morning after leaving early Wednesday and being absent all day Thursday. When he returned, he sat down and began calculating feverishly. 

Ein knocked on his door, and Reggie didn’t even look up. 

“You okay, Reg?” Ein asked. 

“Um…no,” Reggie replied as his pencil moved so fast it was a blur. 

“What’s wrong?”

“Charlotte, whom I love completely, threw away my life’s work. I’m happy to have her back, but I’ve only known her a few months, and these notes I’ve been working on for decades. She threw the whole suitcase away!”

“Maybe we can find them. You said they were in a vintage suitcase. Maybe if we ask her where she threw it away, we could track it down. Someone might have pulled it from the trash to sell.”

“Sell… oh no.”


“When I was drinking, I may have told Jon Fall it was important, so I’m sure he’s been tracking it down.”


“You go home to Charlotte. Take a long weekend. I’ll see if I can track down this suitcase.”

Reggie left, and Ein collapsed into his office chair. They definitely needed to get the suitcase before Jon Fall does. 

#136 I Threw My Suitcase Away (200 words)

Inspired by: I Threw It All Away

Reggie and Charlotte spent little of the day talking. They made up for lost time engaging in sexual activities everywhere they could; in the office, in the taxi, in the elevator to Reggie’s penthouse, in the hallways to his bedroom, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in every guest room, in the living room, in the kitchen while cooking, back in the bedroom, in the shower. They finally passed out before in the middle of one last passionate round. 

They woke up completely exhausted and depleted. As they laid in bed immobile, Charlotte told Reggie her tale.

“I got to Italy and unable to focus on my work. I took myself off the project. I didn’t want to see these animals killed and made into leather if I couldn’t give it 100% of my attention. I returned to the resort, but you were gone.

“The sight of that damn suitcase I used to love it so much, but now all it did was remind me of you. I prayed you’d return to beacon sooner or later. The second you did, I came running.”

Reggie listened patiently and tried not to freak out that his notes were gone.

#135 I’ll Leave You Alone (200 words)

Inspired by: To Be Alone with You

Ein entered the newly acquired Seward Skyward Expedition building. Seemingly overnight after Ein put up his money from the plane heist, Reggie bought office space, had it furnished, and staffed. 

Reggie sat behind his desk, scanning reports, already hard at work.

“This looks like a serious operation,” Ein said, sitting in a chair across from Reggie. 

“You can’t get to the moon by accident. Everyone here is focused on one thing, and that’s to bring a chunk of the moon and land it in our hands.”

“How long do you think it will take?”

“It could take years, but hopefully, it’s just months. I’d love to do it by Thanksgiving. If I had my notes, it would be a breeze.”

“What happened to them?”

Reggie spun around and gazed pensively over the Chesapeake Bay. 

“After I left Beacon earlier in the year, I met a woman and fell in love. It was a brief affair. We had the same suitcase, and she must have grabbed it by mistake.”


“You loved me?” a woman’s voice asked from the doorway. 

Ein and Reggie spun around and saw Charlotte standing in there. 

“I’ll just leave you alone now,” Ein said, excusing himself.

#134 I’ll Be Your Partner Tonight (300 words)

Inspired by: I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight

Reggie met Ein at his apartment to go over their new business relationship. 

“Ein, how have you been doing since I left? Your apartment seems as disgusting as ever.” 

“Well, you bought it for me.” 

“Because it was very cheap.”

“The building was cheap too.”

“Oh, so you own the whole building now?”

“Yep, for a couple weeks now. I’ve hired a few people to help me fix it up, invest in the neighborhood the way the city should be. Enough of about me, what is your plan?” 

Reggie cleared his throat and organized his thoughts, “A long time ago, when I was probably about your age, I made a business deal with Jon Fall. He needed a loan, and I gave it to him in good faith. It was a terrible decision and cost me everything. Jon Fall rebranded himself and is the colossus you know today. When I went to him for help, he turned me down.”

“But didn’t he just buy your company?” 

“He did, and because of that, I think he’s going to use my work to try spacetravel again. But organic matter can’t leave the atmosphere. They tried in the 50s and 60s, and it was a complete disaster.” 

“Then what are we doing?” 

“We’re going to bring the moon to us.”

“That’s impossible, though, right?”

“We’re going to send a robot to the moon. It’s going to take some moon samples and will bring them back to Earth. We’re going to be the first men in the world to touch the moon!”

“Where do we start?” 

“First things, first, we need to find my suitcase.” 


“It’s essential, and a woman I slept with has it.” 


“Are you in?” Reggie asked, putting his hand out.

“Hell yeah!” Ein put his hand over Reggie’s.