#140 You Said I Could! (300 words)

Inspired by: Tell Me It Isn’t True

Ein woke up in bed with Valeria and Carlos Valdez. The sun shone through the curtains directly into his eyes. The couple slept on either side of him, pinning him in place, preventing him from getting relief from the light.

Ein tried to slide his arm out from beneath Valeria. The movement caused her to cling tighter and wrap a leg around him. Valeria moved her head, and Ein saw a familiar suitcase in the closet.

“Hey…” Ein said hoarsely while shaking Valeria and Carlos awake. “Can I see your suitcase now?” 

Valeria stretched out, she had a look of bliss on her face, “What?” She asked. 

He pointed at the closet where a rectangular corner stuck out. 

“You said I could look at your suitcase. I can see the edge. It looks like the one I’m after.”

Valeria rolled over and looked in the direction Ein pointed. 

“Oh, yeah. Why don’t we do that later?” 

“Can’t I look at it while you sleep?” 

“No,” Valeria said flatly. 

“Why not?”

“That’s creepy, and besides, it’s mine. Carlos bought it for me for our anniversary.” 

“Come on, I just want to look!” 

Ein rushed past Valeria. By now, Carlos woke up and jumped out of bed. Ein grabbed the handle of the suitcase grabbed him from behind. Valeria tried to rip the suitcase away from Ein. The three nude adults fought for several minutes until the suitcase burst open, and files flew into the air.

“You broke it!” Valeria screamed. 

“I’m sorry! It’s just a hidden compartment!”

Ein scrambled to pick up the files. Valeria inspected the damage. 

“Get out of here, you psycho!” Valeria screamed.

Carlos shoved him into the hallway without his clothes. Ein covered himself in the papers as he ran through the hallways to his room.

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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