#131 Why Are We Complaining About Immigrants? (400 words)

Inspired by: I Pity the Poor Immigrant

Ein woke up to a cold rainy September morning. Bay Cat curled up at his side. 

“Ready for breakfast?” Ein asked. 

Bay Cat opened one eye, looked out the window, and said, “no.”

“Come on. I want to get up.”

“Then get up. I’ll keep your spot warm.”

Ein got up and made coffee. Despite their protest, BC wandered into the kitchen, still with sleepy eyes, and ate their breakfast next to Ein. 

“Anything good in the paper?” BC asked between bites. 

“Is there ever anything good these days? Let’s see, the mayoral election is in full swing now. Looks like Colbert’s still in the lead. As usual, he’s blaming immigrants for Beacon’s problems.”


“People not from America.” 

“Why does that matter?” 

“It doesn’t, but people seem to think if there were less immigrant, specifically those here illegally, there would be more opportunities for them to find work.” 

“How can they be here illegally?” Bay Cat asked.

“There are rules about how many people are allowed into the country each year, and they have to follow certain rules, pass tests, stuff like that. It’s meant to maintain a proper balance of immigrants, but it’s pretty racist.

“A lot of people are fleeing violence in their home countries or famines or unimaginable crisis for most people in the country. Those people are walking thousands of miles for a chance at a better life. Still, unemployed white people think they’re too lazy to be let in here and find opportunities here.”  

“That seems stupid. No one has a say in where they are born. I’d rather have been born in here than next to the bay in the cold. If someone’s born in Guatemala and wants to come to America, they should be able to.”

“I agree entirely. Besides, in the countries, early days, people just showed up and were Americans. Many people were even brought here against their will and built America’s material wealth, receiving none of the profits for themselves. Rich white people were once allowed to force some people into being American’s whether they like it or not. In that case, poor people from other countries should be allowed to force their way into the country.

“If there’s nothing more American than claiming other people’s hard work as their own and benefiting from it. We’re all benefiting from previous generations anyway.”

Ein looked over, and BC fell asleep.

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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