#117 Obviously One Schemer (400 words)

Inspired by: Obviously Five Believers

Duke sat nervously outside Jon Fall’s office. He tried his best to maintain a professional demeanor and that he belonged in an office sixty floors above ground. The intercom by Beatrice, Jon Fall’s executive assistant, buzzed. 

“Let him in.” Jon Fall said from his office.

“Right away, Mr. Fall,” Beatrice said. 

“Mr. Fall will see you now.” 

Duke breathed into his hand to check his breath. He stood up and pretended like he didn’t just do that. When he walked past Beatrice, he said, “Thank you.” and reached for the doorknob, but she pressed a button, and the door opened automatically, hitting him in the face. 

Jon Fall’s office’s interior was easily larger than the entirety of the apartment he formally shared with Veronica. He sat with his back to the Chesapeake Bay and had his head buried in paperwork. 

“I understand you think you have something vital to tell me,” Jon said without looking up.

“I, uh, yes, I do,” Duke said, standing fifty feet from Jon, unsure what to do. 

Jon looked up at him expectantly. Duke remained frozen in place. 

“For goodness sake, take a seat,” Jon said, gesturing to the chair across from his desk. 

Duke practically sprinted across his office to sit down.

“Sorry, it’s not often you’re meeting with the world’s richest man.” 

“Actually, it is,” Jon said.

“Oh, right, of course. You’re always you, aren’t you? Dumb question.” 

“What, do you want, Mr. …” Jon searched for his name. 


“What can I do for you, Duke Hansen?” 

“Right, sorry, I’m sure you’re busy. It’s just that I happen to know about a very credible threat on your…” 

“My life? I assure you I have the finest security money can buy.” 

“It isn’t on your life, sir. It’s a threat to your money.” 

That got Jon’s attention. 

“What do you know?” 

“My ex-girlfriend and I used to work for you. And you laid us off. It’s fine, I’m over it. I totally get it, but she sort of never got over it. She was in logistics, and you see she knows about your flights.” 

If looks could kill, the glare Jon gave Duke and everyone who shared 1% of Duke’s DNA. 

“Right, those flights, and you have one this weekend, don’t you?” 

“What is she going to do?” Jon asked. 

“She’s going to take everything. But I know how to stop her.” 

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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