#111 Deerskin Cowboy Hat (400 words)

Inspired by: Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

Ein hadn’t seen Duke or Veronica since the night of the heist. Each night he returned to the bar hoping they’d return. 

“Hey, Manny,” Ein said to the bartender when he entered. “The usual, please. Any sign of Duke or Veronica?” 

Manny shook his head no and handed Ein his beer.

“Thought I’d ask. Good talking to ya.” 

Manny just nodded and returned to washing glasses.

Ein sat at their regular booth and drank his beer. An hour passed, and he ordered another. Another hour passed, and he decided to call it a night until he saw a familiar cowboy hat float passed the window. 

Ein ran out of the bar despite the protests from Manny to pay his tab. In the streets, he looked left and right for any glimpse of the hat. He saw it turn down an alley and gave chase.

Now that he could see the hat fully, he saw it was Veronica who wore it. Ein stood a foot taller than her and caught up to her relatively quickly. He grabbed her arm, she jerked around and swung at him. His arms were way longer, and she was nowhere close.

“Get off me!” Veronica shouted, very much, not sober.

“What are you doing? I haven’t seen you guys in days.” 

“Whoa, Ein. Where the heck did you come from?” 

“I’ve been at the bar. You know the place we met up every day for weeks.” 

“That dive? You have money now, kid. Get a better scene.” 

“What?! I don’t have money. I gave it away like we talked about.” 

“Oh, baby. You gotta treat yourself. Those billionaires certainly do. Walk a mile in their shoes.” 

“So this was a scam? I led you to a vulnerable house, and you just get fucked up with the money?” 

“I sure as heck am. I don’t know what Duke is up to. It’s the best part. We get crazy and do whatever we want for a week. And I mean anything.” 

Veronica thought she gave Ein a sexy look, but she was way off.

“No, thanks.”

“Your loss, kid.” 

“I thought you skipped town or something.” 

“No way! We have more billionaires to pillage! But give it a few days. I have a lot more people and drugs to do.” 

“Ugh!” Ein stormed off and paid his tab. 

The life of crime is not what he expected. 

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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