#110 Sick Inside of Mobile with the Virgo Blues Again (700 words)

Inspired by: Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again

Sabrina, Dana, and Nathan decided to go on a road trip around the country before they started college. Once they reached Mobile, none of them realized they’d stayed for an entire month. 

Nathan always woke up first. Every day the sight of Sabrina and Dana in bed together broke his heart. He got dressed and walked around Mobile. Today, though, Nathan wanted to try something different. He removed from his suitcase a vial he got in Beacon. A potion that is supposed to make Sabrina fall in love with him. He was finally ready to give it a try, Dana be damned.

With the vial in his pocket, he walked down the street to buy the group coffee. The barista already knew his name, hed been in so many times. 

“Hey, Nathan. The usual?” Mattie asked him. 

“No, thank you, Mattie. Three black coffees, please.” 

“Three coffees, didn’t get any sleep last night?” 

“I don’t get much sleep most nights. Loud roommates if you know what I mean.” 

“If you’re up all night anyway. Why don’t you just come around mine? At least we’d have some fun.” 

Nathan blushed, “Just the coffees thank you.” 

She smiled devilishly at him and handed him the coffees. At the serving station, he pretended to add cream while pouring the love potion into one of the coffees. Mattie watched but said nothing. 

“Can I borrow a marker? Just so I remember which has sugar.” 

Mattie handed him the marker, and he marked the top of the coffee with the love potion. When he offered to give the marker back to her, Mattie saw the mark switch cups.

“It’s alright, you keep it. See you tomorrow.” 

“Actually, I think we’re leaving today.” 

“If you say so.” 

Back in the hotel room, Sabrina and Dana were awake when Nathan returned. 

“I’ve got coffee.” 

“Perfect. I love you so much right now, Nathan!” Sabrina said.

“No, but you’re about to,” Nathan said under his breath. 

They each took a sip of their coffee at the same time. Nathan stared at Sabrina, wanting to see the exact moment she fell in love with him, but nothing happened. They drank more of the coffee, and nothing changed. 

Suddenly Nathan felt nauseous. He began to dry heaving. 

“Nathan, are you alright?” Dana asked, shielding Sabrina from potential vomit. 

The gagging continued, and finally, Nathan erupted vomiting black bile all over the hotel room floor. Exponentially more liquid came out than went in, and the women were horrified. 

“We’ve got to take him to Matilda, she’s the only one who can fix this,” Sabrina said. 

They carried him out of the hotel and down the street to a discreet building. Every step more bile spewed out of Nathan’s mouth. 

They dropped him on the doorstep, knocked on the door, and ran for their lives. 

“Come in, Nathan.” 

Somehow Nathan felt well enough to walk in unaided. 

“Mattie? What are you doing here?” 

“What are you doing here, Nathan? Trying to trick a poor innocent girl into loving you?’ 

“How did you know?” 

“I’ve been watching you since you came to my little town, Nathan. You’re a curious trio, and I could smell that ‘love potion’ as soon as you entered the town. I had just enough energy to keep you here and watch over you. 

“You’re why we never left?”

“You’re a curious group. And you’re lucky I did if you tried that stunt anywhere else, I don’t know what would have happened to you.”

“How are you doing this?”

“I invited you over so many times, hoping you’d give it to me. We could have had fun. I just hoped I could keep you here long enough for my powers to be at full strength. You should leave that girl alone, she’s far too dangerous for you.” 

“She’s the love of my life.” 

“I’m afraid you may be right, but there’s no reason she should be. You’re a fool, Nathan.”

The next thing Nathan knew, the world went black, and he woke up in the van. Dana drove, and Sadie sat shotgun. Nathan looked out the window to see a sign that said, “Now Leaving Mobile, Alabama.”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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