#108 My Heart Isn’t In It (400 words)

Inspired by: One of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later)

Ein knocked on Duncan’s office door. 

“Enter!” Duncan said without looking up to see who it was who knocked. 

“Hi, Duncan. Can I speak with you for a moment.” Ein asked.

“Of course, I feel like I never see you. I like that, just take orders and go. No oversight required with you. I wish I had a dozen more workers just like you!” Duncan chuckled a perfectly fake managerial chuckle. 

“I’m afraid I have some bad news then, I’m resigning.” 

“You’re what! What’s wrong? Did Jen say something?”

“What? No. It’s just I’m thinking about a career change. That’s all. You’re a great boss, I’m just not fulfilled.” 

“Sadie dumped you, didn’t she? Goddamn it, we all saw it coming. Just because everyone here loves her and would step in the way of an infected needle for her if need be, doesn’t mean you have to go. I know you’re heartbroken, how couldn’t you be, but it will get better.” 

“I’m not heartbroken. Sadie and I are cool, everything’s fine. I’ve just had an offer at a more lucrative creative line of work.” 

“As you wish, when’s your last day?” 

“Customary two weeks, I suppose.” 

“These will be the toughest two weeks of my life!” 

“Okay, talk to you later,” Ein said, leaving the office. 

Douglas seemed to take the news a lot harder than Ein imagined he would. 

“What was that all about?” Jen asked. 

“It was nothing. I just put in my two weeks.” 

“What!? Why?” 

“I’m not really interested in lab work. It’s just the same thing over and over again every day. I like problem-solving when something breaks, but when everything is working, it’s so boring.” 

“It’s because Sadie dumped you, isn’t it? We all saw it coming.”

“It’s not because of Sadie! We’re cool why doesn’t anyone understand that?” 

“If you say so.” 

They both returned to work on separate sides of the lab. Later in the day, Jen floated back into Ein’s area.

“You’re really cool with Sadie?” 

“Yes,” Ein said, tersely focusing on work. 

“So do you think she’d mind, or uh, would you mind…” Jen couldn’t finish the sentence.

“Mind what?” Ein asked, looking at Jen to understand what she’s asking.

“Nothing nevermind,” Jen said, blushing. “It’s nice you’re still friends since she’s so much cooler than you.”

“Yeah, it’s great.” 

They didn’t talk much the rest of the day.

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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