#98 Two Queen Beds Approximately (600 words)

Inspired by: Queen Jane Approximately

Sadie woke up on Monday morning still buzzed from the night before. She couldn’t recall being sober since they arrived in San Gabriel. She rolled over and screamed when she saw she wasn’t alone in her bed. 

“Whoa, flashback to last night.” Her companion said as she smiled with her eyes still closed. 

Sadie rolled out of bed and pulled on clothes. Her companion smiled and fell back to sleep. The door connecting her hotel room to the next room was ajar, and Sadie peaked through. 

She saw Tiffany in a similar situation with a man lying on top of her passed out. Tiffany’s eyes were wide open, desperately searching for a way out. Tiffany and Sadie locked eyes. 

“Get him off of me!” Tiffany whispered hoarsely. 

Sadie tiptoed around the clothes strewn across the floor. 

“What should I do?” Sadie asked, holding her hands in the air, trying to figure out an angle of attack. 

Tiffany held out her hand for Sadie to grab. Sadie pulled with all of her might. Tiffany began to budge, and the guy grunted and squeezed her tighter. 

“Grab the bear,” Tiffany said, pointing to a three-foot-tall stuffed bear he’d won her the night before.

Sadie picked up the bear and put it on the opposite side of the guy and Tiffany. Using the bear arm, she poked the guy, he grunted, and she poked him again. The guy fell for it and put his arms around the bear, releasing Tiffany. 

While the bodies in the bed rearranged, Sadie got a look at everyone’s everything, and her face turned bright red. Tiffany covered herself up, and the woman escaped into the hallway. 

“So you had a big night, huh?” Sadie asked. 

Tiffany blushed, “I am not ready to talk about it. I need coffee and waffles.”

“Let’s go.” 

“What about the strangers in our room.”

“Who cares?”

Tiffany shrugged, and they went to the complimentary breakfast. They grabbed their food and sat down.

“So how are…” they said in unison. 

“Oh, sorry, you go…” they said in unison again. 

They laughed and then, at the same time, asked, “do you like it here?”

“No,” they said in unison.

“Just let me speak!” Tiffany shouted, and nearby tables looked at them. “This is going way too fast. I’ve been single for like a week, and I’ve already slept with someone. You’ve been single even less time. I kind of just want to go home.”

“Oh, good. Me too.” Sadie admitted. “Let’s go back to Beacon.”

Tiffany adverted her gaze. 

“I didn’t mean Beacon. I think I’m going to go back to Rhodes Island for a while. Clear my head. Get over Duncan.”

“Oh. Yeah, that totally makes sense.” 

They ate most of their meal in silence. 

“Think you can drop me off?” Tiffany asked, breaking the silence. 

“For sure. At least we’ll get to spend another week together.” Sadie said through a forced smile. 

“I’m not dying, Sadie! It’s just there are too many memories in Beacon, and it’s too hard. And boning randos isn’t going to be the solution.”

“Speaking of do you think we should check on them.”


They cleared their table and could hear their late-night companions from the hallway. Tiffany slowly opened her hotel room door, and the strangers were going at it. 

“Grab your stuff. You can hide in my room.”

Tiffany grabbed all of her belongings, and they never even noticed she was there. They watched TV for a couple hours until their “friends” finished, and Sadie kicked them out of the room, while Tiffany checked them out. 

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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