#93 When You’re Lost in Minnesota (600 words)

Inspired by: Like a Rolling Stone

Sadie and Tiffany spent the night in a motel room in Greysolon, Minnesota, a city on Lake Superior’s waters. For as long as Sadie could remember, she wanted to travel down highway 61. More specifically, it has been her only motivation for the last week. 

“Come on, get ready. We have a highway to see.” Sadie said. 

“You mean like all the other highways we’ve seen so far?”

“No! Not like those. This one is full of tourist attractions.”

“I just came along because I thought we were going to California.” Tiffany did not share Sadie’s enthusiasm.  

“We will go to California after we go all the way south; through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa…”

“Iowa! We were just in Iowa. We’re going out of our way to see this dumb road?”

“Yeah, but just a little. Like a few hundred miles.”

“That’s half a day’s ride. Sadie, what is going on with you, why couldn’t we just meet up with it along the way?”

“It goes all the way from the Canadian border to the Gulf of Mexico. What’s the point if we miss a chunk of it?”

“It’s too early to argue about this, and we’ll just waste even more time. Let’s go!”

Tiffany angrily brushed her teeth and dressed. 

They drove silently for a bit until they got coffee, cheering them both up. 

“Now I imagine there’s a sign around here somewhere. It is a celebrated road.”

Sadie drove around the border of Greysolon, but none of the highways were route 61. 

“Are you sure this is even the right town?”

“Yes! I read a whole book about it.”

“A modern book?”

“It’s a highway, Tiffany it’s not like it’s going to change.”

“Well, I need to pee, and you’re asking for directions while I do it. And buy me another coffee.”


Sadie stopped at the next coffee shop.

“Highway 61? They demolished that ages ago.” The barista told her as they prepared the coffees. 

“What! It’s like 1500 miles of American history.”

“They didn’t destroy the whole thing, but you got to go down to Wyoming.”

“Wyoming is west.”

“Wyoming, Minnesota!”

“Gee, great. Thanks.”

“Slight problem,” Sadie said to Tiffany.

“We’re like two hours north of where we’re supposed to be.”

Tiffany stared daggers at Sadie. “Sadie!”

“I guess they did reroute it. I’m so sorry! Who does that?”

“Well, now what do we do?”

“We were going to drive south anyway. We can just meet up with it.”

“I’m sick of hearing about this stupid road! Let’s just keep going west to California.”

Sadie opened her mouth to protest, but Tiffany cut her off before she began. 

“Sadie! I don’t know what imaginary problems you’re running away from, but promise you it is nothing like mine. My problem is genuine, and it is not going to be magically cured, seeing more farms. I want to sightsee. I want to visit new cities. I want to take my mind off of Duncan!

“I know you’re used to getting whatever you want. You even just take off of work on a whim to drive around the country. Your parents pay for your beautiful apartment and your fancy clothes. And I know I’m not entirely innocent here. But my world is irrevocably destroyed, and the love of my life has been sentenced to die in prison. 

“If you do not ship up and drive me to California like the trip I signed up for, I will lose my mind!”

“Fine. Let’s go.”

The women calmly walked out of the coffee shop to the stares of very startled midwesterners. 

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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