#87 Planet of Eden (600 words)

Inspired by: The Gates of Eden 

In this world, time had no meaning to Ein. It could have been a month, or it could have been half a second that they spent flying through the solar system. Their rocket ship sailed along a predetermined path. For the time being, Ein could look out the windows and marvel at the vastness of space. 

“On our left is the second-largest planet in the solar system,” Mr. Spaceman said to Ein. 

“I thought Jupiter was the biggest planet.”

“It’s a marvel that modern humans know so much less than they used to.” 

The rocket slingshot past Jupiter, and a few moments later, they were in the Oort cloud. Ein could tell they traveled nearly lightspeed, but it felt as comfortable as cruising down the highway.

A brown dwarf star appeared in the distance. It gave off a faint glow, and a shadow of a moon appeared to be orbiting around it. 

“There it is.”

“Can we land on it?”

“No, we’d die. We’re going to the meet the people of the moon.” 

“Whoa, lunar life?” 

“Take us down.”

Ein piloted the ship into the moon’s atmosphere, engaging the thrusters to fight the gravitational pull and land safely in a, now, badly scorched field. 

Ein and Mr. Spaceman unbuckled themselves from their seats and approached the door. 

“I can breathe out their right?”

“Of course, it is very much like Earth.”

Mr. Spaceman pushed the open door button, the door slid open, and a ramp emerged from the ship. The moon was a lot like Earth. The gravity felt a little stronger, and the sky was yellow.

The planet had foliage and wildlife running around. Squirrel like creatures emerged to check out the rocket ship that briefly set fire to their home. They didn’t seem to be afraid of Ein or Mr. Spaceman. Soon enough, they returned to their regularly scheduled activities. 

“It looks just like Earth,” Ein said, bewildered. 

“It’s idyllic here.”

“It makes sense that life would form the same way in the same solar system. We’re working with identical raw materials.”

“That would make sense.”

Ein and Mr. Spaceman found a trail that led from the field. It was a dirt path that they walked on for several miles. 

At the end of the path, they found a visitor’s center, and Ein realized they were basically in a national park. They walked inside, and the employees greeted them warmly though Ein could not understand their language. 

“Oops, put this in your ear.” Mr. Spaceman said and handed Ein a small electronic speaker. “Can you say that again?” He asked the employees. 

“Welcome to the Eden Visitor’s Center. I hope you’re enjoying our beautiful gardens.”

“Whoa, like this is the garden of Eden?”

“It had to be somewhere, right?” 

Mr. Spaceman smiled at Ein, but something felt off about it. The world began to spin, and his vision faded. He felt himself being shaken and heard someone calling his name. 

“Ein. Ein! Wake up!”

Sadie sat in his bed and woke him up.


“You never went to work. Or answered your phone. I came in to check on you. Good thing your door doesn’t lock. Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I guess I was feeling under the weather. I had the craziest dream.”

“Tell me about it while I make you something to eat. You look awful.”

Sadie got up and left the room. Ein felt something in his ear and pulled out the translator. He looked at it, unable to believe it was real. Did he really go to space? Who was Mr. Spaceman?

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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