#85 Ein Quin’s 115th Dream (700 words)

Inspired by: Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream

Ein sailed across the sea on a privateer fishing boat. The captain didn’t appreciate the military commandeering his ship. Still, there was a world war on, and he literally couldn’t say no. Bingham, the commander of his new unit, approached Ein as he looked off into the sea. 

“I’d say welcome aboard, but I don’t think any of us want to be here. The world’s gone mad, and no one even realizes it.”

The shadow of a city could be seen through the dense fog in the harbor. 

“I never imagined the first time I went to Europe it would be destroyed beyond recognition,” Ein said. 

“Who the hell told you we were going to Europe, kid?”

The ship sailed past the Statue of Liberty. The rest of the special unit known only as The B.R.I.D.E.s joined them on deck as they marveled at the skyline. 

The team consisted of five men; Bingham (England), Richard (South Africa), Issac (U.S.A.), Dominic (Scotland), and Ein (U.S.A.). Ein replaced Eleanor for this mission while she was on vacation.  

Flashing red and blue lights shone through the fog, and before the captain could react, the coastguard boarded the ship and arrested the whole team. 

In prison, Bingham paced around his cell. 

“Dominic, can’t you rip these bars apart or something?”

Dominic tried and failed to pry open the bars. Each team member tired to break out, and somehow Ein was the only one to succeed. 

“Great job, kid! Now go get us some money to bail us out. The fate of the world is at stake!”

Ein saluted Bingham and sprinted out of prison. In the streets, he ran downtown, passing burning buildings and bloody brawls without giving them a second look. 

Ein found the ship they sailed in on, impounded, and the captain still aboard. 

“Hey captain, do you have any money for bail?”

“You think I’d give it to you if I did? You boys are the reason I’m in this mess.”

“Boys? We’re trying to save the world.”

“Who let you decide the world needs to be saved. I just want to catch whales and feed my family. Get outta my sight.”

Ein entered the first bank he found and was tackled by a security guard. They threw him into the street. 

“You tried it their way now. Now we’ll try it our way.” A voice said to him from a parked car. 

“Eleanor? Aren’t you supposed to be in France?”

“My team has been arrested. This is exactly where I’m supposed to be. Can you be the getaway driver?”

“You bet I can.”

Eleanor donned a mask and transformed her face into the president of the bank. Ein heard the security guard welcome him in and offer to take him to the vault. Seconds later, the bank erupted with gunshots, and Eleanor ran for the car, dollar bills flowing behind her. 

Eleanor dove through the passenger side window and Ein took off down the road. 

“A few million ought to do it, right?”

“I hope so.” 

They drove to the prison to pay off their friend’s fines. 

“Hey, didn’t you two just rob a bank?” The cop at the front desk asked. 

Ein and Eleanor looked at each other, trying to figure out if it was them or not. 

“That doesn’t sound like something we would do. We’re good guys.” Eleanor answered. 

“Is that a mask of the bank’s president in your pocket?” The cop probed. 

“He’s made us! Get out of here, Ein.” 

Eleanor tossed Ein the car keys. The door was blocked by police by officers. Ein slid between them, and they bonked their heads together, clearing Ein’s escape.

Ein slid across the roof of the getaway car and into the driver’s seat. The officers followed him outside. He paused for a moment to watch Eleanor be arrested, surrounded by a pile of incapacitated cops. She mouthed, “run.” and Ein ran. 

The last Ein heard about the B.R.I.D.E.s, they shared a cell and recorded a podcast together. Each offered advice in their fields; relationships, tech, metalwork, wilderness survival, and acting. Ein was their #1 fan and listened every day as he traveled across America, searching for himself. 

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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