#82 Love Minus Zero/No Feelings (300 words)

Inspired by: Love Minus Zero/No LImit

Ein knocked on the door of Sadie’s apartment. Tiffany answered.

“Hi, Ein. Come on in.”

“Thanks, how are you doing Tiffany?” 

“I’m hanging in there. I should know more in a week or two. It still doesn’t feel real most days.” 

“I bet.” 

They sat down in the living room while they waited for Sadie to come out.

“Have you noticed Sadie has been acting kind of strange lately?” Tiffany asked, speaking quietly.

“Do you think so?” 

“She hasn’t seemed down to you at all?”

“I guess she sounded bummed yesterday. We were supposed to get lunch, but she never showed up.” 

“She told me she wasn’t even going to work.”

“She was kicked out of the lab the other day, so I didn’t expect to see her. I assumed she was busy.” 

“She was kicked out of the lab?” 

“Yeah, my supervisor thinks she’s distracting me and… I don’t think it’s official, but she took it hard.” 

“Well, keep an eye on her.”

Before Ein could assure Tiffany he would, Sadie came out of her room.

“Before we go out tonight, I already checked the weather, and there won’t be a cloud in the sky for days!” 

“That’s great,” Ein said, raising to his feet as she sat down beside Tiffany.

“Don’t sit down. Get out of here, you two! If Duncan were here, I wouldn’t waste a second with either of you losers.” 

“Wow, all right! Someone needs alone time. Let’s get out of here.” 

Ein and Sadie stepped out into the hallway and waited for the elevator. 

“How are you doing today?” Ein asked. 

“I’m doing a lot better now,” Sadie said and then smiled. 

“Let’s go have some fun.” 

Ein stepped into the elevator first. Sadie’s smile quickly faded when he turned his back.

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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