#78 Bigots Go Fuck Yourselves! (300 words)

Inspired by: Playboys and Playgirls 

In the early afternoon, shortly after lunch, Ein and Jen discussed politics. 

“The world right now is a disaster.” Jen presented as her opening statement.

“It’s horrible.” Ein agreed. 

“When I get home and go online. There are all these videos of people being so actively racist. In my normal everyday life, I don’t see people being this terrible. It blows my mind people in the real world can behave this badly.”

“We’re all in our own little bubbles now. You don’t have to see anything that doesn’t reflect your world view. With all the protests and footage of Black people being murdered by police officers, they see more of black life than they’re usually exposed to.”

“So, I’m supposed to feel bad because they have to see Black people?”

“No, I just think that’s why they’re getting extra crazy. They need to shut this down so they can return to their lives with their heads buried in the sand. We all need to expose ourselves more to things that make us uncomfortable. We’ve made a cushy modern world if you can afford it.”

“It’s so disgusting that they think they’re in the right.”

“What doesn’t make sense to me is why white people think they’re they could possibly be the master race. They come from some of the least fertile lands in the world. Since they had no resources, they learned to fight and dominate other countries to take their resources. When they discovered fertile lands, they dominated people who never needed to learn how to fight.”

“Tough guys…” Jen said sarcastically.

“White people literally can’t even sit in the sun without being injured. We’re not the master race!”

“Seriously. These domination tactics have to come to an end. It’s disgusting. It’s humiliating. It’s sad and pathetic.”

“For sure.”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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