#69 To Sadie (400 words)

Inspired by: To Romona

The next morning Sadie woke up as early as Ein. Both were pretty hungover and regretted all the drinks from the previous day. 

“I thought you’d be sleeping later.”

“I actually have to be going,” Sadie said, unable to meet Ein’s eyes. 

“Oh, okay. No problem. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just have to go home for a bit.”

“Okay, want me to walk with you?”

“No, like I have to go to Kentucky.”

“Oh, wow, that will be a long walk.”

“I was supposed to go home for the fourth, but my shift changed, and I don’t really want to.”

Sadie collapsed back in bed and hid her face beneath a pillow. BC hopped onto the mattress and sat on the pillow, covering Sadie’s face. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“The reason I haven’t finished my residency is that once I finish and become a full-fledged doctor. I’m supposed to move home!”

Ein laid down beside her. 

“And I wish you could come with me, but you just started a job, and I don’t even know what this relationship is. I don’t want to introduce you to my family ever because I barely want to see them.”

“Things change. I’m sure if they know how much you like it here, they’ll let you stay. Besides, how can they make you move home?”

“By not paying for any of my stuff and forcing me to pay them back what I owe.”

“Money doesn’t matter. That can be negotiated. You shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to do. I’m sure Beacon needs you just as much as Kentucky does. Don’t worry about it until you have more facts. Now you just imagine everything that can go wrong, and it’s overwhelming.”

Sadie tossed the pillow off her face, and thus BC, and turned towards Ein. They stared into each other’s eyes. BC climbed back atop the pillow. 

“Thanks. I’m feeling better. You’re so nice.”

“Anytime. Don’t mention it, maybe someday you’ll have to do the same for me.”

“100%. After that whole bear story. You’re a ticking time bomb!”

Ein walked Sadie to her car and kissed her goodbye. 

“I’ll call you when I get there!”

“Drink lots of water even if you have to pee ever exit!”

“Fine, but I’m calling from every rest stop then.”

Sadie rolled up the window and drove off and disappeared in the darkness. 

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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