#67 Lightning Date Night (700 words)

Inspired by: Chimes of Freedom

About ten minutes after Ein got home from work, his phone rang.


“I’m coming over, and we should go out to celebrate your first week! See you soon.” 

In no time at all, Sadie arrived and was dressed up for a night out.

“It’s going to storm. Do you really want to go out?” 



Ein got dressed, and they were soon on the street in search of something to do. Sure enough, a few blocks from Ein’s apartment, not only does it began to rain but rain torrentially with lightning. A burst of lightning flashed so brightly it briefly looked like they’re out under the noonday sun. The pair ducked under a doorway while they waited for the rain to subside. 

“This wasn’t how I planned our night would go,” Sadie said apologetically.

“No sweat. It’s got to end sometime.” 

“I feel like I haven’t seen you all week. I thought we’d see each other more working in the same building.”

“I’m still training, I’m sure once I know what’s going on, we’ll figure out schedules.”


“Well, we’re stuck together now. Unless one of us gets sick of the other and wants to risk drowning and electrocuting at the same time.” 

“Not me, I’ll hang tight.” 

Sadie put her hand on Ein’s as they smiled at each other. A second later, another couple joined them beneath the doorway. Their clothes were completely soaked. The pair of couples could barely all fit beneath the doorframe and squeezed in close.

“We’re so sorry, it looked like more space as we were running to it. Every dry space in the city is jammed full of people.” 

“It’s fine, you look like you need it more than we do anyway.” 

“We could try running back to my apartment, we didn’t get that far.” 

“You want to?”

“Yeah, why not. Get some dry clothes on and watch a movie?” 

“Sure! It’s all yours, folks. Hopefully, the rain didn’t ruin your night.” 

“Just my dress so far, but the night is still young.” 

Ein and Sadie steeled themselves for a mad dash down the block. Sadie took off her heels. They stepped out into the rain, and a gargantuan bolt of lightning illuminated their path home. Sadie dropped her shoes and practically jumped into Ein’s arms. 

They immediately tried to get back beneath the door frame, but now that the couple had the dry land, they weren’t so keen on giving it up.

“Really!?” Sadie exclaimed, “we gave you that spot!”

The couple tried to look apologetic but obviously faked it. 

Ein grabbed Sadie’s hand, and they ran down the street. Every storefront they passed, they felt the city’s eyes watching them, pitying them, but none of them making room for them to shelter from the storm. 

“This is what you get for being helpful! Ugh, everyone sucks!”

They turned the corner towards Ein’s apartment. Another massive bolt of lightning streaked across the sky, immediately followed by a deafening roar of thunder. 

“We really shouldn’t be out here!” 

“We’re almost there!”

Ein opened the door to his apartment building. Sadie collapsed onto the floor, dripping all over the dry lobby. Ein followed her inside, and they caught their breath.

As they huffed and puffed, the sound of the rain faded away. Ein looked outside to see that the rain stopped, but the glow of the setting sun shone through the city. The storm had passed, and beside the flooded streets, there was no sign it existed. 

“Looks like the storm is over. Should we try again?”

Sadie looked up at him, her outfit was ruined entirely, and she lost one of her shoes along the way. 

“Hell no! I’m taking a shower, stealing your comfiest clothes, and never going outside again.”

Ein helped her up, and they climbed the three flights of stairs to Ein’s apartment. Inside, BC greeted them warmly until they rubbed against Sadie’s leg and got soaked. They hid beneath the couch for the rest for an hour. 

Chinese food arrived, and they didn’t leave the apartment for the rest of the night. 

Smelling wantons BC emerged and sat on Sadie’s lap, praying one would fall onto their face.

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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