#65 Overhead Crows (400 words)

Inspired by: Black Crow Blues

Ein barely woke up on time to get ready for work. He struggled to get out of bed and get dressed. 

Jen was right. He never made it back to the lab after lunch. In fact, Douglas kept him out past dinner and into the night. They went to another restaurant and a bar. Douglas got him a cab back to his apartment, where he immediately passed out. 

He chugged several glasses of water before walking to work. Still hungover, he walked a slower pace, even stopping to sit outside a park. While he recovered, he saw a crow hopping around the park and occasionally pecking at the ground. After a few minutes of watching the crow, the crow noticed and looked straight at Ein. It cawed angrily and flew off. 

Thinking nothing of it, he continued his trip to work. A few blocks away, he reached a stoplight with a crow sitting on it and staring at him. The rest of his journey to work, he felt himself under the watchful eye of Beacon’s crows, and he wondered what he did to deserve this kind of attention. 

At work, he found Douglas, perfectly fit and ready for the workday.

“Day three! I’m blown away.” 

“I’d like to say for the record I’ll be coming in tomorrow and Friday. You don’t need to celebrate each time you see me.” 

“Oof, someone’s in a mood. Can’t handle your alcohol, huh? All right, I’ll take it easy on you next time.” 

Douglas patted him on the back and went into his office. Ein put on his lab coat and joined Jen in the lab.

“Are you best friends now?” 

“I wouldn’t go that far.” 

“How did your lunch go?” 

“You know, food and alcohol. Regular boss lunch stuff.” 

“Your girlfriend came by last night, around the end of your shift.”

“Oh, okay, thanks.”

“How long have you been going out?” 

“A few weeks.”

“That’s dope.”

The workday dragged along. Ein never entirely recovered from his night out. After work, he walked home and once again followed by crows the whole way. At the park, he saw the first crow, a half a dozen now waited for him. He stopped and stared. They stared back.

“What do you want?!”

They all began to caw and flew around the park. He continued home with a black cloud of crows hanging over his head. 

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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