#60 Things Can Change Quickly (300 words)

Inspired by: Only a Hobo

A month ago, Malcolm had a job and an apartment in downtown Beacon. He had a vision board, furniture, goals, was ahead of schedule in his career path, and was already an editor of an influential magazine. Today, he found himself homeless without a penny to his name.

He went into work on Monday morning and learned that the magazine had been purchased. The staff now contained several redundancies, and there were going to be layoffs. He had just been promoted last month and knew he would be on the chopping block. 

He paced around his office and tried to come up with a reason he should be kept on. Unfortunately, the man in charge of trimming the fat saw this, assuming Malcolm wasn’t even bothering to work, asked him to leave by lunch. 

Having a steady paycheck for years, and Malcolm splurged, sometimes living his life on credit. He paid it off each month but didn’t have anything saved. Malcolm told his landlord he might be a little bit short this month. They understood and asked him to start packing now to be sure he was out of the apartment by the first. 

Since then, he sold everything he had to afford food, but his first night on the streets, his rivals saw him buying a sandwich. They asked him to borrow some money, and when he refused, they said they’ll just take it all instead. The fight was brief, and before he knew it, his sandwich and money were gone. 

He didn’t understand how his life collapsed so fast. A week ago, he was happy and healthy and living the American dream. Now he was starving sleeping in a doorway. Living in America can change on a dime, past success doesn’t assure future prosperity. 

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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