#57 Restless Life (600 words)

Inspired by: Restless Farewell

Mikah Taylor felt a hand on his shoulder, waking him up. This caused him to knock over a half dozen beer bottles that surrounded him as he slept on the bar’s table. They clattered to the floor, more than a couple breaking.

“Mikah, we’re closing up. You’re gonna have to go.” 

Mikah wiped his eyes to see Natalie’s, the co-owner of the bar, looking down at him.

“Oh, right. Sorry, Nat. I’ll see ya tomorrow night.” 

“You doing okay, Mikah? We love the business, but you seem to be getting out of hand.” 

“As well as can be, Nat. It’s just my birthday, is all. What better time to let yourself loose.” 

“Hell, Mikah, you should have said something. I hate to see a guy drinking alone on his birthday. I can’t believe you’re born on Independence day, of all days.” 

“Not just any Independence Day, Nat. The Independence Day. 1776, it’s all been downhill since. My father wrote me out of his will, my son won’t talk to me. This is all I have left.” 

“I wish I knew. Come back tomorrow night, and we’ll throw you a party. It’s the least we can do for our best customer.” 

Mikah perked up. A smile slowly stretched across his face as his emotions worked their way through his intoxicated nervous system. 

“That would be mighty kind of you. I’ll see ya tomorrow.” 

Mikah stumbled out of the bar and down the baron Beacon streets. He walked for a few blocks when he got the eerie feeling someone was following him. He stopped suddenly to catch them unaware, but when he turned around, he was all alone.

His drunken journey home became considerably easier as more and more gaslights were put in along the city streets. However, the odd shadow still put him over the edge. He couldn’t shake the feeling someone tailing him and stopped suddenly under the next gaslight.

This time when he turned around, he saw a young woman staring at him. She couldn’t have been more than twenty and had never seen her in his life.

“What do you want?” 

“You, Mikah Taylor. I want you.” 

“What do you want with me?” He asked, getting face to face with the woman half his age.

“I’ve waited a long time to get my revenge. Thanks to your father, I’m going to be busy for a long, long time.” 

“I have nothing to do with my father, I haven’t even seen him since the turn of the century!” 

“I haven’t seen him since the revolution, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten what he did to me.” 

“I’m not that drunk, girl. There’s no way you’re older than I am.”

“There are plenty of ways, I’m older than you, Mikah.” 

Mikah’s blood ran cold. He knew in his heart this was no ordinary woman. 

“You want revenge on my dad? Get in line. How he has the world convinced he’s an upstanding guy, I’ll never know. But your beef is with him, not me.” 

“I’m afraid that’s where you’re mistaken. I made a promise to your father a long time ago.”

Mikah’s eyes grew wide. 



“This can’t be…you can’t! Get away from me!” 

Mikah ran down the street at top speed. Eve followed close behind. Mikah stumbled down a dark alley and hid behind some barrels. Eve spotted him easily in the darkness.

Eve joined him in the shadows. He pleaded for his life, but his protests morphed into a scream, and Eve exited onto the street alone. 

“One down, who knows how many to go.” 

#58 Endless Job Cycle (300 words) 7/1 Unedited

Inspired by: Eternal Circle

Sadie knocked on Ein’s door and entered without waiting for him to answer.

“You really should be locking that.” She said as she rushed past him into the living room.

She dropped weeks worth of classified ads from the Beacon Chronicle on the floor, nearly knocking out BC, who barely escaped the avalanche of newsprint.

“Good to see you too.” 

“No time! We covered your rent for another month, but you really need a job.” 

“I know,” Ein said as he sat beside her on the couch. 

Sadie tossed Ein a handful. She started reading and circling anything she thought he might be qualified for. Ein watched her working feverishly for his benefit. She looked up to see what he was looking at, and he quickly turned his focus to the ads.

She watched him as he struggled to read the small print. She smiled as he tried his hardest to read the ads and keep up with her.

“Stop smiling at me and find me a job. BC’s got to eat!”

“All right, all right!”

The pair searched for half an hour when Ein finally found something.

“What hospital do you work for?” 

“Elizabeth Hopkins, why?” 

“Why don’t I just work there?” 

“Have you secretly been a doctor this whole time?” 

“No, but I have a chemistry degree, and they’re looking for lab techs.”

Sadie looked at Ein dumbfounded.

“I didn’t know you had experience in that.”

“It’s not the most exciting job.” 

“You’d rather have no job than a boring job?”

“It’s just I’d like a different job. Every city I move to, I run out of money, become a technician, save up and move. It never ends.” 

“You didn’t have me in our other cities.”

“That’s true.”

They threw the papers and ordered a pizza to celebrate.

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