#55 When the Ship Comes In (300 words)

Inspired by: When the Ship Comes In

BC napped, and they dreamed about themselves on a ship sailing around the world. BC captained a crew of tigers, lynx, bobcats, jaguars, and house cats. 

The journey took them all around the world, where they stopped in many ports. At each port, a cat decided it was their time to leave. Each departure made BC sad.

But each departure meant the arrival of a local. Soon the ship was full of cats, bison, alligators, giraffes, piranha, etc. BC formed new friendships and learned new jokes and heard new stories. Their world view expanded, and they felt happy again.

BC wanted to go home and take their friends.

“We don’t want you coming in here!” A man in charge of Beacon said.

“But Beacon is my home!” BC replied. 

“You can come home, BC, but you can’t bring your friends.”

“But, we’re just a bunch of animals laughing and having fun!”

“They’re not from here! They wouldn’t fit in. We find them exotic and confusing.”

“That’s not a good reason!”

BC got the ship cruising at top speed. The animals tried to talk them down, insisting it was okay, and they were used to it. 

“You shouldn’t need to be! And I shouldn’t let them make you feel this way!” 

BC’s ship burst through the chain, blocking the port. The couldn’t stop and crashed into the harbor. The ship came to a rest in downtown beacon in front of BC’s favorite bakery.

“Arrest them!” The leader ordered his police force.

BC stuck their head out over the side, followed by an alligator, rhino, barracuda, python, all the animals. 

“Come and get us!”

The leader’s police saw they were outnumbered and fled. The leader powerless and alone ran for his life. 

The animals laughed and celebrated, then ate baked goods.

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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