#53 Only a Pawn in their Game (400 words)

Inspired by: Only a Pawn in their Game

Sadie knocked on Ein’s door. Ein answered and saw Sadie and Beth wearing comfortable clothes to march all day in the city. 

Ein invited them in, and they sat in Ein’s living room. 

“What are you two up to today?”

“We’re going to the march, want to come?”

“I can’t really handle crowds.”

“What’s the worst that will happen?” Sadie asked, playing devil’s advocate. 

“I’ll faint and get trampled upon.” 

“That won’t happen!” Beth said confidently.

“That’s actually how we met.” 

“He’s the guy you revived? How did I not realize he’s your boyfriend?” 


Sadie’s face was bright red. 

“I am a doctor, and I’m ordering you get some exercise! We’re marching!’ 

Sadie stood up and grabbed Ein’s hand, and pulled him out of the apartment.

They joined the Black Live Matter’s protest, and everything went well. 

“See, you’re perfectly fine.” 

“You’re right. I have a tremendous amount of made-up inertia I have to overcome to do anything. Nothing is ever as bad as imagine it, I just need someone to make me do things.” 

A few blocks down the street were anti-protestors, protestors protesting the protest. Sadie was disgusted by their chants. 

“I don’t understand how people can think black lives don’t matter.”

“Poor whites have been indoctrinated for hundreds of years. They idolized the monied class that owned slaves. Even though they were barely getting by themselves at least, they weren’t black. If we’re tricked into believing, they too could become rich and join high society.

“But they don’t think they can be better served by the powers at be?”

“I think as long as they’re not the lowest rung on the ladder, they’re content. If suddenly the system perceived them to be equal to poor Black people, why did they put up with being poor and abused for 400 years?”

“I just think they could have realized that centuries ago and taken down the people holding everyone back.”

“They could have for sure. This is their last stand, and if they can’t convince the world their position is the right one, they’ll have no choice but to switch sides. Their position is untenable, and that’s why they’re fighting so hard.”

Sadie squeezed Ein’s hand. 

“Thanks for marching with us!”

“No sweat.” 

“Now that I know you just need to be bossed around, you’re finding a job.” 

“That’s fair.”

“I’m not ready to be BC’s mom.”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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