#50 With God on Fall’s Side (700 words)

Inspired by: With God on Our Side

The Fall family has been at the forefront of Maryland politics since the colony was settled in 1634. The family, one of the first to arrive in the Provance, knew God was on their side. 

“Land ho! Ho! Land Ho!” 

Lenny Colbert stepped out onto the deck to see the land. From now on, he’ll call his home with the chosen few lucky enough to colonize it with him. 

“Danny, come and see our new home! Together we’ll build something truly remarkable on these lands. Hundreds of years from now, people will look back to this day marveling at what we built together.” 

Daniel Fall joined his life long friend, Lenny Colbert, on the deck of the ship. The sailboat rapidly approached an island of the new world located in the Patowmack River. 

“It’s a beautiful sight to behold.” 

Daniel and Lenny wrapped their arms around each other as they laughed and cheered. Their long voyage finally at an end.

The American Revolution would prove the undoing of the Fall’s and Colbert’s friendship. The Fall’s sided with the burgeoning nation, and the Colbert’s sided with the English Empire. The Fall family put their considerable wealth behind the Revolutionary army.

The fall family grew along with their landholdings. Another Daniel Fall became a senator for the state of Maryland, and his brother, John, became the nation’s first Bishop. Their cousin Charles too, became a state senator. Their success proved God was on their side.

In the 1850s, the Colbert family saw their opportunity to take the state back from the grip of the Fall’s influence. Another war split the allegiance of every resident, and once again, the families bet on opposite sides. The devastating defeat drove the Colbert’s out of politics once and for all.

As the country grew and the family’s feud faded from view. Corporations replaced politics as a way to move up in the world. Each family on the wealth of their tobacco plantations expanded their empires in every direction imaginable; lumber, oil, coal, gas, sugar, rubber, textiles, shipping, and real estate. Their greed was limitless as their opportunity and their desire to crush their competition insatiable. Every investment the Fall’s made with the understanding they had God on their side.

Jon Fall grew up with his mother telling them that he had God on his side and never knew what it meant. She was only a Fall briefly before his father succumbed to injuries from his rocket accident. She could never explain what the family motto should say to him.

He collapsed into his office chair, where he spent most of his nights. The new phase of the moon began revealing a tiny sliver. He stared up at it as he sipped on a brown liquor from his office’s dry bar. 

“God’s on my side, huh? I’ve never felt that way. Why would God take my father from me when I was so young?” 

He took another sip and sighed. 

“Sure, I’ve accumulated more wealth than I ever dreamed, but I’m not even the richest Fall. Back in the day, we owned half the state.”

He finished his glass. 

“I am on your side, Jon. Even if you don’t believe it.” 

Jon dropped his glass.

“Who said that?” He jerked his head around to see if someone entered his office.

The disembodied voice echoed through his head. 

“I have guided your family for generations. And I have been guiding your path too.” 

“Bullshit. I’ve built everything I have myself.” 

Jon didn’t like ghosts taking credit for his accomplishments. He stood defiantly, ready to fight whoever was speaking to him. 

“I’m sure you’d like to believe that, but who do you think put the idea of going to the moon into your head?” 

“My father! He died trying to get into space.” 

“Why do you think he wanted to become an astronaut.” 

“God told him to become an astronaut?” 

“Bingo bango.” 

Jon waited for the voice to elaborate.

“Who are you? God does not say bingo bango.” 

“My connection is fading, you’ll hear from me again.” 

The voice faded, but Jon’s fury would take longer to settle. He poured another drink. He had a lot to think about. 

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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