#47 Carnival Fortune (700 words)

Inspired by: Dusty Old Fairgrounds

Sabrina and her friends, Nathan and Dana, paid their fare to get into the carnival. Inside they wandered around, ate deep-fried foods, checked out livestock, decided not to ride incredibly dangerous looking rides, and shopped for various knickknacks. 

After a couple hours, a small tent with nothing but a crab adorning it caught Sabrina’s eye. 

“Let’s check that out,” Sabrina told her friends. 

“What is even in there?” Nathan asked.

Sabrina shrugged but headed towards it anyway. 

Though the tent was no bigger than a shed, it was completely black inside past the flap. Sabrina felt almost pulled inside. Nathan and Dana were less convinced but followed anyway.

As soon as Sabrina breached the threshold, a voice greeted her. 

“Welcome, Sabrina. Hello, Nathan and Dana. Would you care to have your fortune told?” 

“How did you know our names?” Sabrina asked. 

Her eyes adjusted, and she realized the tent had lit candles, and a woman who must have been in her fifties sat at a table with three empty chairs. Sabrina sat directly opposite the woman. Dana and Nathan sat on opposite sides of Sabrina. 

“I see all, sweet Sabrina.”

“Then, your question was rhetorical if you know my answer.” 

“Yes, it was. Let’s begin.”

The woman put out her hands, and Sabrina matched her. Nathan and Dana looked at each other, clearly freaked out, and reluctantly did the same. Nathan and Dana each held one of Sabrina’s hands and one of the woman’s hands, forming a link between all four.

“I am a fortuneteller. It is my trade and my passion, but I don’t perform my services for currency. Instead, I accept payment in secrets.” 

“If you see the future, shouldn’t you know all about us already?” Nathan asked.

“I see what is to be, but have no knowledge of what has been. The darker the secret, the more your future will be illuminated.”

“We don’t have any dark secrets, we’re good kids.”

“Dana, that isn’t true. What about that homeless man you murdered a few weeks ago.” 

“What!?” Nathan and Dana said in unison.

“Nathan and I held his arms while you stabbed him to death. Have you forgotten already? I never will.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t like this!” 

“You think this is a joke? You think you can make something up and I don’t know? On today of all days, that is a terrible idea.” 

“This is a small town carnival! It’s not serious.” 

“Powers surge through me that you cannot understand. They have been dormant for almost a year, and they crave sustenance.”

“What are you talking about?” 

The fortuneteller’s eyes went white, and the air around them felt electrically charged. They felt energy coursing between them through their held hands. 

“I will give you your fortune for free, but I’m afraid I can’t see very far.” 

Bursts of static electricity exploded in the air around them. The fortuneteller’s voice echoed as she spoke.

“Your friends here love you. More than you understand. There will be a battle for your heart, and one of you won’t survive.” 

“What!?” They all exclaimed in unison.

“Who dies? Why is anyone dying?” Sabrina asked.

The energy died down, and the fortuneteller’s iris and pupils returned. She released her grip on the teen’s hands. 

“That is all.” 

“That’s it? You have to tell us more.” 

“No, I don’t.” 

Sabrina, Dana, and Nathan all looked at each other uncomfortable about what went down. They slowly stood and walked out of the tent. 

They wandered around the carnival for another hour, but they couldn’t stop thinking about what the fortuneteller told them. Nathan decided to go home, but before he left, he stopped by the fortuneteller. 

“Welcome back, Nathan.” 

“If I tell you a secret, can you tell me my future.” 

“You can try.” 

“I’m like in love with Sabrina, hard.” 

Across the fairgrounds, Dana made her move and leaned Sabrina against a food truck. For both of them, it was their first kiss.

“I’m afraid she’s chosen another.” 

“Does, does that mean I’m the one who’s going to die?”

“No, if I can help it.” the fortuneteller said, unable to hide her devious smile.

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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