#45 Who Killed Alex Monroe? (300 words)

Inspired by: Who Killed Davey Moore?

Ein knocked on Sadie’s front door. Sadie opened it and gave him a hug as he entered. She ushered him inside, and in her living room, two other couples were seated and talking. 

“Everybody, this is Ein. Ein this is; Beth, George, Duncan, and Tiffany.” She said, pointing to them in clockwise order around the living room. “I need to finish something up in the kitchen, and we’ll eat!” 

Sadie disappeared, leaving Ein along with four strangers. 

“Ein, what’s your take?” Duncan asked.

“On what?”

“The boxer who died in the ring. Alex Monroe. Who do you think is responsible?” 

“Oh, geez. Do I get a multiple-choice list?”

Beth chimed in, “It was obviously his opponent like how do you keep fighting someone who can barely stand?” 

“The referee could have called it at any point. Their job is to punch as much as they can each round.” Geroge said. 

“You heard the crowd thought they were going mental. They would have torn both boxers apart if they stopped fighting.” Tiffany said. 

“I don’t think Alex even should have been in the ring. Apparently, he had a heart condition, and his coach made him fight.” Duncan said. 

“I mean, those all sound like good answers. We sell tickets to bloodsports and force men to beat the hell out of each other while ravenous mobs watch isn’t great. This is America, and I don’t want to strip anyone of their rights. Still, the science showing the lifelong damage of CTE doesn’t make sense anymore. We need to rethink some of our pastimes and modernize them, so we’re not risking anyone’s life to pursue the American dream.”

Sadie entered the room behind Ein. “Wow, you guys got him to talk already. He must like us!”

Ein blushed, and everyone laughed.

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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