#44 Prep School Blues (500 words)

Inspired by: Walls of Red Wing

In 1980, childhood best friends, Jon Fall Jr. and Reginald Seward, went to boarding school in Maryland. The friends didn’t have many classes together, so their time together was precious. They made sure to eat together when possible.

Reggie set his tray down on the same oak cafeteria table that had been used for 200 years.

“Heya, Reggie. Sorry, I inhaled my food so I can get my theology paper done. Once I finish it, I’ll be free all weekend.”

“No, problem, Jon. I already finished all my coursework. What should we do this weekend?” 

“I think we should explore more of the campus.”

“I’m down. It’s not every day you get to walk the halls of a building your family built over 200 years ago, huh?” 

“It is a unique experience. I’ve never really been big on family since my dad…” Jon trailed off, staring at his food.

“Yeah, I get it. Don’t worry about it.” 

Jon felt something wet stick to the side of his face. He removed the spitball from his face and traced its trajectory. Benny Colbert ducked behind his friends, and they were all giggling. 

“Forget about it, Jon. It isn’t worth it.” 

“They’ve done it every day all week! If they don’t stop, I’ll make them stop. I’ll show them with whom they are messing.” 

Jon took Reggie’s milk carton and opened it slightly. When Benny stopped looking, he tossed the milk carton high into the air. Reggie covered his face. The boxed milk landed directly in the center of their table, exploding milk all over the boys. 

Benny and the boys all screamed and wiped the milk off their belongings. Benny started Jon directly in the eyes. If their blood feud didn’t begin 200 years ago, this surely would have started it. 

Jon savored his brief victory when he was pulled from his chair by the ear. The headmaster saw the whole thing and dragged Jon to his office. Jon’s cries did nothing to cool his anger. 

In his office, Headmaster McCann threw Jon into a chair in front of his desk and sat down opposite him. 

“Why is it every time the school has a Colbert and a Fall simultaneously, chaos reigns supreme?” 

“Benny started it, he’s been spitting spitballs at me all week.”

“And that means you should throw your friends milk at them?” 

“I thought if I stood up for myself, they’d back down.” 

“I have been here for a long time, Jon. I remember when your dad attended and Benny’s dad too. They hated each other and made life miserable for each other.” 

“I just can’t stand him.” 

“You’re a kid, what do you know? What your mother told about their family? You’re going to be here for 4 years together, you need to learn to live together.”

“I’ll try.”

“I’ll deal with Benny too.”

Before Jon left, the headmaster reminded him.

“Oh, Jon. If you think your ear hurts, imagine what I’ll do next time. Good day.”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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