#41 One More Sandwich (200 words)

Inspired by: Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance

Ein met Sadie at Roosevelt Park, which overlooked the Susquehanna River. He brought lunch, and she brought a blanket. 

“It’s a beautiful day,” Sadie said as they picked out a spot to put the blanket down. 


They sat down on the blanket, and Ein reached inside the cooler and pulled out their meal. 

“What did you bring? I’m starving.”

“I brought; chips, salsa, tuna sandwiches, tea, water, soda, cookies, cheese, bread. Oh, and I guess BC snuck in.”  


BC popped out of Ein’s backpack, and their eyes immediately focused on a goose a few yards away.

“That goose is going to destroy you BC, maybe you better get back in the cooler.” 

Ein squashed BC back into the backpack and threw in a few snacks to keep them occupied.

“So you know, I don’t sit in parks with guys and their cats unless I’m serious.” 

One of BC’s arms shot out of the cooler and tried to grab Sadie’s sandwich, but she was out of reach.

“I’m having some friends over for dinner, you should come.” 

“Wow, you have friends. What’s that like?”

“It’s nice!”

They laughed, and Ein accepted. 

“Maybe keep BC at home.” 

“I’ll try.”

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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