#36 Don’t Think Twice, It’s a Relief (400 words)

Inspired by: Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright

Sadie knocked on Ein’s front door. Inside she heard the sound of clattering feet and heavy objects crashing to the floor. Ein answered nonchalantly, holding a small kitten. 

“Hi Ein, who’s this?” Sadie asked, scratching BC’s neck. 

“So far, I’m calling them BC, they moved in a few days ago.” 

“Moved in? Are they helping with rent?” 

Sadie came in and held BC while Ein cleaned up the mess.

“Not so far. I think you’re the first person to knock on the door, and BC lost their mind.”

A few minutes later, he cleaned up the mess and asked, “can I get you something to drink?”

“Um, water. I’m on call tonight.” 

“Coming right up.”

“What does BC stand for?” Sadie asked, joining Ein in the kitchen part of the small apartment once BC lost interest in her.

“Bay Cat, I found them at the Bay, and they were homeless. I have to get them checked up at the vet and all that.”

“Poor thing, they’re awfully tiny for being a stray.” 

“Want to watch a movie?” 

“What are you thinking?” 

Sadie sat down first, and Ein sat at the opposite end of the couch. They searched streaming services for about fifteen minutes before they could make up their minds.

Every few minutes, Sadie inched closer and closer until her progress came to a halt by BC. Sadie made it to the middle cushion, and BC plopped down in her lap. Sadie received a reproachful glare from the kitten if she even tried reaching for her glass of water. 

“Do you think you could…” Sadie said, softly unsure how BC would react, “hand me my water?”

“No sweat.”

Ein got up and grabbed the glass from the far end of the coffee table. He handed it to her, and BC didn’t notice.

“Since you’re up, why don’t you sit next to me?” 

“Uh, okay.” 

Now seated side by side, Sadie made her move and reached for Ein’s hand. She almost grabbed ahold of it, the telephone rang. BC panicked; they first sank their claws into Sadie and then tried running away while still holding Sadie’s leg. 

“I think that’s for me.” She answered the phone and returned a moment later, looking upset. “I’m so sorry, I have to go. I hope I didn’t waste your night.”

“No way, it was fun. Let’s do it again.” 

“We should. See ya.”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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