#35 Where’s My Blue Eyed Cat?! (700 words)

Inspired by: A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

“Be back in a bit, BC!”

BC meowed back, letting Ein know they were almost ready to join them on a walk. By the time they reached the door, though, Ein had left.

“Rude,” BC thought because they were a cat and can’t really speak.

The door was not latched completely. BC thought perhaps this was to let them out without letting in other wildlife like manatees or an ibis. BC admitted to themself Ein made the right call.

They used their tiny little paws to push the door open. No ibis, thank goodness. One pecked them in the head last week, and BC will never forgive them.

One obstacle out of the way BC ran down the steps and tried to catch up with Ein, but there was no sign of him. BC sniffed the air and tried to hone in on his scent. BC couldn’t get any trace on Ein in the crowded streets. They decided to go left and hope for the best. 

BC walked for a few minutes, with a little cat body that isn’t particularly far, and decided they needed a bite to eat. They wished they had eaten more this morning when Ein put down their food bowl, but they weren’t particularly hungry then. 

“No worries, BC. We lived on the streets before, and we can do it again.” 

BC collapsed in front of a hot dog vendor. BC had one choice, theft. They flattened their body to sneak up on their unsuspecting prey. They shimmied across the ground, hiding behind a box the vendor left unattended. 

Before anyone knew what was happening to them, BC sprang into action. They lunged at the vendor’s leg, lacerating it severely. The vendor cried out in pain and collapsed to the ground. Blood gushed from his wounded as he held it tight, desperate to stop the bleeding. 

The two-month-old cat lept three feet into the air and grabbed hold of one of the hotdogs sitting in tepid water. With their bounty secured between the cat’s powerful jaw, they hopped off the cart and ran down a dark abandoned alley to eat in peace. 

At least that was the plan. 

Unfortunately, the vendor wore a pretty reliable pair of jeans, and BC’s little claws couldn’t puncture them. 

“Oh, hey, little guy. I saw you sneaking over here. You trying to steal a hotdog?” The vendor asked.

BC meowed ferociously, demanding the vendor hand over every last hotdog. 

“Alright, you seem desperate and could stand to bulk up, so don’t tell anyone I did this for you.” 

The vendor pulled out a hot dog and gave the cat a sliced piece barely an inch long and placed it on the ground. 

BC took a couple small bites. Completely stuffed, they fell asleep. 

The vendor reached down and picked up the snoring kitten and placed them in his apron pocket like a proud marsupial parent. Though probably against health codes, Sal enjoyed the cat’s company while selling dogs. 

An hour later, BC slept in his pocket. There was some commotion up the street as a young man stopped everyone in the street. He finally worked his way down to the vendor, and he heard him ask.

“Has anyone seen my cat!? It’s tiny and white and has blue eyes! Have you seen a white cat? It’s got dark paws and ears?”

“Nope, sorry, buddy.” 

The vendor whistled at Ein and pointed at his apron. Ein had no idea what he wanted. The vendor looked at his apron again, emphasizing his pocket.

“What?” Ein asked.

“I’ve got your dang cat in my pocket. You should keep a better eye on this guy.” 

The vendor reached into his pocket and pulled out the snoozing kitten. BC opened their eyes and saw they were in Ein’s hands and meowed a greeting before rolling over and doing a big stretch. 

“Thank you so much…” 


“Thank you, Sal! You’re a lifesaver. I’m Ein. If you ever need anything, let me know.” 

“Yeah, I’m sure. You got a cute cat.” 

“Thank you!”

Ein and BC walked up the street, and Sal overhead Ein ask the cat, “Where have you been my darling young cat?”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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