#28 Jon Fall Sr. (400 words)

Inspired by: John Brown

Jon Fall Sr. kissed his wife, Mary Elizabeth, baby, Jon Fall Jr., and mother, Mary Catherine, on the forehead. He wore a shiny chrome space suit that blinded everyone who looked upon him. He was about to become the first earthling to leave the atmosphere.

“Oh son, you look so handsome in your suit. I’m so proud of you. Going where no man has gone before.” 

Jon Fall Sr. looked lovingly at his family one last time. He climbed into the back of a jeep and was taken to the rocket. 

Every network preempted their regularly scheduled programming so America could watch the flight.

“It’s June 1st, 1961, and man is about to leave the clutches of earth’s gentle grasp and begin our exploration of the solar system. I’m Arnold King of WBCN out of Beacon, broadcasting live from Cape Canaveral.”

Though the Fall family was watching the rocket launch down the hall from the control room, they had the TV on for the commentary. 

“After a series of successful unmanned missions, today will be the first time man has left the atmosphere. Five, four, three, two, one! The rockets are engaged!”

Fire billowed out of the end of the rocket. With it, an extraordinary roar practically blew the Fall family away. The rocket remained motionless for a second before it slowly began to climb. Jon Fall Jr. sat in a crib while the Mary’s hugged each other while jumping from excitement. 

“Lift off, we have lift off!”

The rocket accelerated and climbed higher and higher into the air. 

“Godspeed, Jon Fall! All of us down here sure are proud of you!”

Mary Elizabeth picked up Jon Jr. and pointed at the rocket as it continued its ascent.

“Do you see that? Your father is making history.” 

As his wife pointed at the rocket, it hung motionless in the air.  They could see the rocket straining and fight for every inch. 

“The engines don’t seem to be powerful enough. What’s this? The rocket has inverted and is careening back to the launch pad.” Arnold King informed the world. 

The Mary’s covered Jon Jr. as the whole world shook. 

“Fire crews are putting out the fire, and they’ve removed Jon Fall from the rocket. Thank God.”

Soon after, a severely wounded Jon Fall was in the back of an ambulance with his wife and mother. 

“Did I make you proud, ma?”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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