#27 All Over Her (400 words)

Inspired by: All Over You

Ein and Reggie sat in the park. Neither said anything for a few minutes. The sound of their labored breathing faded away as time went on. They stared at the Chesapeake, unable to meet each other’s eyes.

“I think I had a vision the other night.” 

“Oh, really?” Ein asked.

“She was the love of my life. Everything I built, I built for her.”

Reggie did elaborate.

“I’m sure everything you’ve been going through has been tough. If you need help, I’m here for you.”

Reggie turned to Ein.

“I realize now I was never alone or didn’t need to be. She told me to move on. Nothing I do will bring her back, but I can begin again.”

“What was she like

“Her name was Mia, and she was probably the toughest person I had ever met. Our families were a part of the state pseudo-aristocracy. So we knew each other our whole lives. I’d follow her everywhere like a puppy, just happy to spend time with her. It was Mia, Olivia, her sister, Jon, and I. We were inseparable when we were kids.”

“The same Jon that bought your company?”

“Yep and Oliva gave it to him. It was her funeral we went to a few weeks ago. Oliva never liked me after Jon and Mia got together.”

“Jon and the love of your life dated?”

“Worse, they got married.” 


“I have always been afraid of living. I was born into considerable wealth and never wanted for anything. Jon suffered tragedy early and never missed an opportunity. He knew how fragile existence was. Even after they got divorced, I didn’t make my move until it was too late.” 

“What happened?” 

“You don’t grow up on a tobacco plantation with perfect pink spongy lungs. Mia was an asthmatic kid who never took the easy path. She had been to every continent by the time she was a teenager. She climbed mountains, traveled to both poles, I don’t think there was an experience she missed out on. 

“She didn’t die with a single regret. It sent me into a tailspin, though. Once I hit rock bottom, I started my company. I vowed to find a way to undo the damage tobacco has caused the world.”

“What will you do next?”

“I’m still young enough. I think it’s time I finally started to live my life. Walk me home?” 


Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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