#16 Gemma and Louise (400 words)

Inspired by: Gypsy Lou

In a small town on the coast of Oregon, Louise walked into a diner. A bell on the door jingled as she entered. She sat in a booth in the otherwise empty restaurant. A moment later, a young man stepped out of the kitchen with a menu. 

“Good evening, ma’am. My name’s Jason, and I’ll be your cook and server tonight.” 

“Pulling double duty tonight, huh?” 

“The regular server had to take care of her kid, so I’m flying solo. What can I get you?”

Louise scanned the menu.

“I’ll have a Reuben and a cheeseburger.” 

“I’ll get that going right away.” 

Jason returned to the kitchen and emerged a few minutes later with the meals. Now at the table sat two identical women.

“Sorry, I guess I didn’t hear the bell. I assume one of these is for you? My name is Jason.”

“Gemma and the Reuben is mine.” 

Jason put down the food in front of the women.

“Can I get you anything else?”

“My sister Louise and I would love your company. Why don’t you join us? It doesn’t look like you have much else going on.”

“I’m not sure.” 

“We’ll tip and share our fries.”

“Ah, what the hell.” 

Jason sat next to Gemma. “What brings you to Oregon?” he asked as he grabbed one of Gemma’s fries.

“We only get to see each other once a year, so we like to make it a bit of a destination.” 

“That’s too bad. If I couldn’t see my family, I don’t know what I’d do. What keeps you apart?”

The twins looked at each other and said, “The universe.” in unison.

“Oh, dang. This is a beautiful place to meet up. Have you seen the haystack rock yet?”

“Maybe after we eat.” 

“You should try and make it out in the winter and see the whales migrating. My brothers and I go every year.”

The sisters looked at each other, “We should remember that.”

Gemma put her hand on Jason’s thigh.

“Don’t you want your sandwich?”

“I’m hungry for something else, something I’ve craved all year.” 

“What’s that?” 

A bright yellow light filled the room. When the light faded, Gemma sat next to Jason’s dried up, lifeless body.

“Thanks, sis. That really hit the spot.”

“I’ll see you next year,” Louise said as she disappeared.

Gemma pushed Jason out of the booth and left the diner.

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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