#6 Waiting by the Highway (300 words)

Inspired by: Standing on the Highway

For the past few weeks, Sadie has been pushing her morning routine to its breaking point. For no particular reason. She woke up at the same time but had trouble getting out of bed. 

On average, it took her twenty-four minutes to get to the hospital. Thirty minutes before her shift began, she got up.

Her clothes were laid out on a chair beside her bed. She jumped into them and sprinted into the bathroom, brushing her teeth for the bare minimum. Before leaving, she dumped an indiscriminate amount of instant coffee into a travel mug and drenched it in lukewarm water. 

In her car, she weaved in and out of traffic and was sure to speed no more than ten mph above the limit. Turning right to the on ramp of the interstate, she slammed to a halt. 

“What is going on!?” She screamed at no one. 

She crawled forward but could just see what the commotion was at the end of the ramp. A BMW had its hazard lights on, and two men were screaming at each other on the ramp. As she got closer, she thought she recognized one of them. 

“Is that, Ein?”

Ein and a mystery man, probably the driver, were yelling and pointing at their watches. Before she made it past them, they seemed to reach an understanding. Ein got into the driver’s seat, and the man got into the passenger’s. 

Ein inched forward himself, and Sadie was next in line.  Sadie let him in, and Ein gave her a Max Rockatansky thumbs up.

Before she knew it, Ein’s car was out of sight. She almost couldn’t believe it really happened. The rest of her drive to work, she worried what trouble he was getting himself into. She should really reply to his email. 

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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