#5 Rambling Gambling Reggie (400 words)

Inspired by: Rambling Gambling Willie

Reginald approached the bar. He moved sporadically and lurched into the bar top, beside a man sipping on a glass of water.

“Amother gim amd tomic.” 

“You just missed last call.” Ein said to Reginald.

“Cryimg nam! How is it goimg tomight?”

“It’s going alright. I was hoping you might be drunk again.”

“I do ny best!” 

“Need a ride?” 


Once again, Ein watched Reginald pull out wade of cash and throw several large bills at the bartender. 

“What do you say tomight we nake it imteresting?” Reginald said as he dropped onto the floor.

“What…ugh, did you have in mind?” Ein asked as he dragged him through the front door. 

“I dom’t kmow yet.” 

Ein got Reginald into the car and exited the parking lot. Reginald had been silent since they left the bar.

“Five humdred dollars this light turms red!”

Ein cruised through the green light, five hundred dollars richer. 

A pickup truck drove beside them and sped up to pass them. 

“Eighty bucks, they have a Texas license plate.



“We’re a few blocks from your building. You can probably make one more bet. So far, I’m up to $580, plus $100 for driving you home.” 

“Them, let’s say we double it!” 

“What’s your bet?” 

“$680, forget it, $1,400…”


“If you can tell me the make and model of the gun that shot me a decade ago.”


“I used to be a notorious gambler, and one man got quite worked up. He threw down his cards and hit me in the chest three times.”

Ein’s heart skipped a beat.

“This is a trick. There’s no way I could know this.”

“Take a guess.” 

Ein searched his mind and said, “Baretta 92SF.” 

“Glock 17. Nearly killed me. And he’s my building, just pull into the garage like the other night.” 

Ein pulled into the garage. 

“You’re speech impediment is gone,”

“Hmm, so it is. Maybe I was pretending to be drunk tonight, or I wasn’t drunk last time either.”

“This was a ruse?” 

“I mean, you could have won, but it was unlikely. I’ll be sporting, and you just owe me $700.” 

“You know I don’t have that much money.”

“How about a work exchange. You’re my personal driver day and night for a week. Maybe I’ll keep you on after you break even.”

“Do I have a choice?” 

Reginald smiled and said, “Mo.”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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