#3 Hard Times in Beacon (200 words)

Inspired by: Hard Times in New York Town

Reginald approached the bar. He moved sporadically and lurched into the bar top, beside a man resting his head in his hands, quietly crying.

“Amother gim amd tomic.” 

“You just missed last call.” The bartender told him as he gave the crying man another drink.

Ein lifted his head up and took a sip of the clear liquid.

“Why does he get amother? Give me that!”

Reginald ripped the glass out of Ein’s hands and chugged the drink.

“Ugh, water! What’s wrong with you?” 

“People with no money don’t get served.” 

Reginald sat beside Ein.

“You order a drimk amd them tell then you’re broke”

Ein shrugged and wiped his eyes.

“Hey mam, you cryimg?” Reginald asked, swaying in his seat.

Ein nodded, “No, it’s just hard starting over, especially when no one gives away alcohol for free.”

“Meed a job?”

Ein snifled and said, “yes.”

“Drive me hone, amd I’ll give you ome humdred bucks. Can you drive stick?”

“I can drive anything‚Ķ now.”

Reginald pulled out a roll of bills and threw some at the bartender without bothering to count. Reginald fell into Ein’s arms, and Ein dragged him out of the bar.

“Get ne out of here!”

Published by einquin

Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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