#2 Email to Sadie (300 words)

Inspired by: Song to Woody

Hey, hey Sadie,

I’m sitting in the Beacon public Library. The guys next to me are watching some pretty daring content for 10 am, on a Wednesday, in public. I’ll leave it at that. 

That was a good trick you pulled yesterday. You, technically, got me my first job in the city. The restaurant literally made me work to pay off the meal. Unfortunately, they think we tried to skip the bill and won’t be hiring me full time. I’m going to wash dishes across the street to show them what they’re missing. 

Since I’m not doing anything, I’ve decided to do some research on Beacon. I’ve found in other cities while people claim to be lifelong locals they never know anything about their city. Here are some of my favorites. 

  • Beacon was settled in the 1600s by a renegade Catholic priest. He didn’t think Catholicism was strict enough. It’s still the city’s largest religion and is only practiced in the town. 
  • The Fall family has practically run the city, sometimes literally, since the American Revolution. They put everything on the rebellion and won big.
  • Per capita Beacon has the most crime in the country. Some people even think there’s a deep criminal state orchestrating it all. 
  • Have you heard of the Manpire? One theory thinks he was a mad scientist. He developed a serum that turned the patient’s blood into a universal donor and acceptor. He tried it on himself, with disastrous results. Since then, he’s survived on sucking victims dry. So legend has it.

I hope you can forgive me for calling this a garbage city. I am looking forward to making it my home, and I hope to see you around some more. I’ll check my email every few days if you want to respond. 



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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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