#1 Talking Beacon (300 words)

Inspired by: Talkin’ New York

Ein Quin arrived in Beacon, the largest city on the Chesapeake Bay, on May 5th. After growing up in a small town surrounded by farms, he needed a change. Several moves later, he washed up on Beacon’s broke and ready to start again.

He stepped out of the train station and took one look at the skyscrapers of downtown Beacon and collapsed. 

“Are you alright?” 

Ein felt someone shaking me awake. 

“Who… what happened?”

“You fainted.”

Ein sat up. 

“No one else noticed?” He asked as he saw dozens of people pass by. 

“You’re definitely new here. I’m sure people noticed, just didn’t care. I’m Sadie.”

“I’m Ein.” 

Sadie reached out her hand. Ein got up on his own, and she noticed.

“I’m glad you’re feeling better.” 

“Thanks. I don’t normally do this. I think it’s a blood sugar thing.”

“Don’t they have candy carts on those things?” Sadie gestured to the train.

“I’m a total Ron Weasley,”

“Need someone to buy you lunch?”

“Do you know anywhere good?”

Sadie put her hand on her chin and thought.

A half-hour later took they both leaned back in their chairs, completely satisfied with their meals. 

“So why did you move to Beacon?”

“I kind of just want to live in a garbage city. No one got excited and wanted to know why I was moving to Beacon. One of the richest men in the world lives here, and still, no one cares.”

“You like Jon Fall?”

Ein shrugged. 

“Well, I hope you enjoy my garbage hometown.” 

Sadie looked at her watch. 

“Oh, shoot! I have to go. Here’s my email. Keep in touch!”

Ein picked up the check with Sadie’s email address. 

“Are you going to settle up?” The server asked.

“My friend paid.”

They shook their head.

“Oh, no!”

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Writing personal exploration flash fiction as well as building the foundations for a comic book universe.

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