Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 4

Walter had with him several suitcases of various sizes, each with unique languages that Ein recognized. He opened one that just contained dirt. 

“Oops, your porch is a bit dark.” Walter slammed the suitcase shut. “If only we could do this inside. I get it, you don’t know me from Adam. At least the Wolf Moon will shine down on us soon to lend us a hand.” 

Ein’s heartbeat so fast they were certain Walter heard it pounding through their chest. “I used to love full moons.” 

“You used to? What has the moon done to you?”

“I suppose it’s more the circumstances around the moon that have changed.”

“Ein, you have just told me something useful about yourself. I have just the product for you. You don’t know how lucky you are!”

Walter grabbed a bag covered in strange runes and opened it.

To be continued tomorrow.