Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 1

Any minute Ein Quin’s life would change forever, they believed. Outside the sun sank below the horizon, its faint glimmer was all that remained of the day. 

Soon the full moon would rise, and Ein would… they tried to banish the thought from their mind. The banishment failed, and they opened their laptop and typed into the search engine, “When will I be…”

No! It’s impossible, they shouldn’t even be entertaining the notion. They slammed the laptop shut and crawled under the covers of their bed.

Ein hoped their precautions would be enough. They sent their roommate and cats away, added several deadbolts to the front door, and even bought raw meat. 

Someone, or something, knocked at the door. “Go away!” Ein said, but the rapping only intensified. Ein imagined change would come from within, but if this would be their fate, they’ll meet it head on. 

To be continued tomorrow.