Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 19

Ein Quin stared at Walter Livingston. 

“It’s no surprise you’re abnormal you’re a traveling salesperson who works at night and carries around dirt! Who’s buying dirt, Walter?”

“The dirt isn’t for sale.”

“Because you’re a poor salesperson. I wouldn’t buy water from you in the dessert.”

“I wasn’t sure about you, but now that I’m made my way inside, I’ve figured it out.”

Ein couldn’t keep up the act anymore. 

“What have you figured out that I’m a werebear?! There I admit I may or may not be a werebear. Are you happy now?”

Walter would never want to find himself trapped inside with a werebear. Let alone on a full moon.

“Whoa, kid! Calm down. I didn’t mean to get you upset.”

“I’ve tried getting rid of you all night, and then you put a cursed medallion around my neck and tell me some crazy story. What do you want with me?”

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