Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 17

Walter Livingston stood in the middle of burning rubble, bound in place, watching the men he’d been debating fleeing for their lives. 

“Return what is mine, human!” A voice said from the talisman. 

From the talisman a light emerged, forming a face on the ground. The face looked back at Walter, surprised.

“Oh, it’s you.” Ruby said. “How did you get this?”

“I killed Sept. James, and I took it.”

“That was you? Messy kill Walter. I thought for it was some drunken army.” 

“He’s dead, isn’t he! What’s it matter how I did it.”

“You know I should bring you in for this, right? Septemvir is an important position.” 

“He deserted his post and tried to take over the humans.” 

“And what are you doing living amongst them?” 

“Staying far away from you.” 

“Keep it that way.” 

The talisman never worked again.

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