Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 16

Walter Livingston wore Sept. James talisman around his neck for years. Often he held it in his hands and speak to it, hoping to figure out how to activate it. Nothing worked. He stopped trying and wore it out of habit, more so as a trophy for victory over his enemy rather than hoping to unlock its magical powers.

One winter night Walter found himself in a coffee house in Constantinople discussing life and the universe with brilliant thinkers. Walter never thought of himself as brilliant, but living for centuries gave him a practical edge. These men imagined what the world used to be, Walter lived it. He’s seen the change in human culture firsthand, from the outside. 

“But how can you…” The talisman around his neck vibrated. He pulled out the talisman and found it glowing bright red. Everyone stared at him. 

“No, please…” 

Before he could say anything else, the talisman exploded. 

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