Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 13

Walter Livingston bowled several games with his date, Ruby. Walter never brought up the fact Ruby’s bowling ball glowed bright red. He had some secrets he wasn’t ready to share. 

From nowhere, a ball neither cast rolled up beside the jack. Walter searched to see who threw it. Ruby smiled to herself and threw her ball. She won the round anyway. 

Someone laughed from the bushes beside them. When Walter investigated, a gentleman stepped out. 

“Your skill knows no bounds, your highness.”

“Only a chance to win your heart.”

“I’m already on a date.”

“Yeah, we’re courting here!” Walter said.

“You’re so desperate you’re settling for the undead now?”

Walter threw his bowling ball at James, who stopped it midair.

“Oh, Walter. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize I’d actually have a good time.” Ruby said. 

Walter never saw what hit him, but he woke up just before dawn, alone.  

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