Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 12

Centuries ago.

In medieval England, Walter went on a date with a woman he called Ruby. They spent their night wandering around London when they happened upon a bowling green.

“Care for a game?” Walter asked, gesturing to the green.

“Sounds delightful.”

Walter picked the lock and swung the gate open. Ruby curtsied before she walked past him and bid him enter. Walter bowed and obliged her request. 

Walter liked Ruby from the first. He asked her several times, and she turned him down. Ruby along with her twin brothers were busy and successful business owners, while the world thought he was a layabout. One night she finally agreed. 

Walter used his keen night vision to find the bowling balls. He handed a black ball to Ruby. She frowned and tapped it, it turned bright red. She cast the ball down the pitch, and the game began.  

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