Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 9

The light emitted from the talisman glowed as bright as the noonday sun. Walter Livingston shielded his eyes with one hand and lunged for the talisman with the other. 

The talisman made Ein take a step backwards. Walter took a step forward but found the entrance impenetrable to him. He reached as far into the household as possible, but the talisman remained out of his grasp. 

“I can’t reach you” Walter said, still fighting against the laws of nature. “You need to invite me in!” 

The talisman drained so much energy from Ein it couldn’t contain it all. A powerful beam of light shot from the talisman. Walter flinched before the beam could make contact, anticipating it would burn him, but the light was as gentle as the full moon.

Walter tried every trick in the book to get inside but knew there was only one solution.

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