Ein Quin

January 28th, Part 7

Ein Quin stared at the strange talisman Walter Livingston presented to them. They had no explanation why, but they wanted it. They weren’t the sort to have mystical crystals. Being a chemist, they preferred facts over superstitions.

They couldn’t deny that some things were inexplicable. Ein assumed deep down there was an explanation. This crystal was definitely more than met the eye.

“Put it around your neck and I swear you’ll be like a new person.”

“What did it do to Sept James?” 

Walter said, “that’s a perceptive question, but you don’t need to worry about him any longer.”

“This past week has been more than I could bear. I might be sick.”

“You aren’t sick, Ein. I think you’re transforming.”

“Who are you?”

“All in good time; first try it on, then let me in, and we’ll feast as best of friends.” 

To be continued tomorrow.